Footsteps In The Dark

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A Supernatural Glimpse

Into the Human Psyche

Woman Holding a Blood-stained Knife
The Book

"The Setup"
"Louisa fought him off with one hand while she reached into her handbag, took out a large knife and hid it behind her back."

The Spine-Tingling Short Stories By Carlo Armenise

Footsteps in the Dark is a collection of eight horror/supernatural short stories with a Twilight Zone flavor, that highlight the eternal struggle between good and evil, brought on by the human need for immediate self-gratification and the lengths we go to satisfy our desires. Each of the stories present an intricate character study that identifies the flaws, frailties and weaknesses of a host of interesting characters and the outcomes of the actions they take to get what they want.

Footsteps in the Dark is a truly unique work of horror/supernatural fiction. Discover the storytelling magic that is woven through each of the Footsteps in the Dark.

The Book

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Deadly Diagnosis

"Deadly Diagnosis"
"Confinement, the loss of the simple freedoms of life, either by choice or by situation like spending time with family and friends or taking a walk on a beautiful beach. And the one place on Earth where confinement is a constant way of life is in prison."

Book Cover

Best Laid Plans

"Best-Laid Plans"
"He closed his eyes, put himself into a deep self-hypnotic state, and willed his "second body" to separate from his physical body."


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